Snow Management Group-

Is recognized as an industry leader, licensed, certified and fully insured.  Whether you are a building owner, property manager or facility manager, we can effectively manage your snow and ice concerns throughout the MID-West.  Our focus is to be successful by making others successful.

We take the worry out of Snow & Ice Management which gives our clients peace of mind.  We strive to keep within your budget constraints while maintaining quality and above all, providing safety.  To ensure we keep abreast of all snow and ice events we have retained a professional meteorological service.  This advanced technology provides us with up-to-date weather monitoring as Mid-West weather can change in a moment’s notice. 



Snow Management Group LLC. is owned and operated by Chris Palermo,CSP, ASCA-C. with over 25 years of experience. Chris is recognized as a Snow and Ice Management industry leader, Additionally, Chris is Certified through The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) and he is one of only 14 individuals in the State of Illinois to become a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) through the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).  A CSP is a business owner or manager who has taken the next step in managing and running a professional snow and ice management business. This individual has met the experience requirements in the field and studied for and passed a rigorous exam covering business, legal, subcontractor, snow science, snow mechanics, and human resource topics.

A Certified Snow Professional is...

•        A leader in the snow plowing industry

•        Passionate about his/her work

•        Environmentally responsible

•        Eager to learn and grow

•        Creative in exploring and reaching successful solutions

•        Informed, knowledgeable, and an effective communicator of the industry's values and principles

•        An educator expanding the horizons of co-workers, customers, and community

A Certified Snow Professional is able to...

•        Lead and manage a profitable snowplowing business.

•        Remove snow and control ice conditions by understanding and applying the principles of snow and ice properties and chemicals.

•        Remove snow and control ice conditions by understanding and applying snowplow technology.

•        Develop and manage a human resource strategy in context with the organization's mission and vision.

•        Understand and apply the basic concepts of the marketing process and the marketing plan.

•        Know the legal, financial, and managerial implications of hiring and working with sub-contractors.

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